Belief and Betrayal

Phil Heller
August 23, 2020

As Jesus sat down to share a meal with his closest friends, he knew that one of them was about to commit a terrible act. One of the men that had been part of his ministry from the very beginning was about to betray him by turning him over to the religious and civic leaders that wanted him dead.

Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples (Jesus' closest followers), is the instigator of one of the most famous betrayals of all time. Jesus knew this would happen, yet still allowed him into his inner circle.

Each one of us has betrayed the trust of God at some point in our life. God knows this has happened (and will happen again), yet still invites us into his family. Today, as we study John 13, we will learn together how we can resist sin and better yet, how we can overcome it, through Jesus Christ.