The Theology of Unbelief

Phil Heller
August 9, 2020

You may have a picture in your mind of who Jesus is, and what he looks like. Maybe you picture Jesus as the tall, stoic man with dark hair and a penetrating gaze that we have often seen portrayed in artwork in Bible school classrooms. Maybe you picture Jesus as the man portrayed in recent films--same lean build and dark hair, but a little "scruffier" and road-weary. Maybe you picture Him as an infant in a manger, surrounded by sheep, cattle and a donkey.

As we've studied the book of John, we may not have brought that physical image of Jesus into clearer focus, but we HAVE learned about his heart, his mission and purpose. We've studied his words and his actions.

As we come to the end of John 12, we are actually seeing the final words of Jesus’ public ministry. John records how people are responding to Jesus and His final concluding words, and we are left with a decision to make…do we truly believe in who Jesus is?